A Fly-Down Warning Device, and Other Hilarious Smart Tech Ideas from an Artist

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By Diana Budds / Published by Dwell
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British artist and designer Dominic Wilcox illustrates inventive—and admittedly outlandish—ways technology can potentially streamline our lives.

"I take ideas to an extreme conclusion," Dominic Wilcox says. "There’s a ridiculousness about them, but a strong footing in logic." In a series of illustrations featured in his new book Variations on Normal, Wilcox sets forth problem-solving concepts that reflect society’s constant push for invention. He argues that smart tech makes sense only if it makes life easier, more enjoyable, or more productive. "People have the same desires as always—food, sex, friends, convenience, conversation, and so on," he says. "Technology enables us to get more of those things—or at least to have more options."

Watch a short film by Liam Saint-Pierre below to see Wilcox discuss some of his many ideas.