A Compact Home That Literally Pops Up From the Grass

With a green roof that merges with the grassy ground, this family home in Belgium looks like two periscopes rising up from the earth.

Designed by Belgium architectural studio OYO Architects, House Pibo, a family residence in Maldegem, East Flanders, was conceived as an environmentally-friendly, compact home with a single green roof that meets the grass at ground level. Defined by the continuation of the soil from the ground to the lifted green roof, the house appears to rise from the earth.

It was important to OYO that the project maximized the benefits of all the materials used in its construction. The concrete base of the 1,883-square-foot structure supports a lightweight timber frame, which was assembled in a local warehouse before being mounted on site.

A rubber roofing membrane was wrapped around the house to keep interior temperatures comfortable throughout the changing seasons. Different plants  are grown on the green roof at different times of the year. 

The compact split-level concrete structure was created with two popping volumes that sit upon a green surface. Unlike many family homes, the living rooms are positioned above the bedrooms. The entrance is located in of these volumes, which also has a large window that brings light deep into the dining area. 

By locating the bedrooms half a floor below the living area, the public and private zones are connected visually, and the bedrooms remain cooler in summer.


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