A Bolder Key Holder

A Bolder Key Holder

We recently received a letter from Dwell reader Paula Pollachek asking for suggestions for a container in which to “collect all of your belongings, like keys, phone, and wallet, in one place for one person.” Here are some obvious, and not-so-obvious, options.

Eggflat Mini by Josh Jakus

The mountains and valleys that characterize Bay Area designer Josh Jakus’ Eggflat Mini (made of industrial wool felt, an eco-friendly material fabricated from factory excess wool and mixed fibers) become the perfect places for all your personal items.


Cubby by Materious Design

The designing duo at Chicago’s Materious Design group created Cubby as more than just a hook but as a volume in which to store small items such as wallets and watches.


Lunchbox Birdfeeder by Perch!

Although its intended design is to hold birdfood, the sleek design and playful colors of the Lunchbox Birdfeed, along with its large opening, also make it a nice spot to tuck your belongings when you get home.


Magnetter by Thea Yuzyk for Umbra

For keychain collectors, the magnetic key panel and letter holder is a nice solution—as long as your momentos aren’t too heavy—and the top lip is large enough to cradle your phone or wallet.


Rechenbeispiel by Nils Holger Moormann

German designer Nils Holger Moormann’s Rechenbeispiel design gets it all done with coat hooks, key holders, storage space for the everyday stuff in addition to mirrors and memo boards. Plus, with its modular design, you can get exactly what you need.



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