8 Questions For Tina Roth Eisenberg

Your blog has become wildly popular with a whole range of design types, has that changed how you manage your design business?

My blog, which started as a personal visual archive turned into the best marketing tool I could have ever imagined. I now find most of my new clients through my blog, or let's say, they find me. Once I became a member of the Deck (advertising network) and I started making some money off my site, blogging has become a part of my business model.

How much of your time is spent on blogging and blog related tasks/events and how much is on design projects?  Has this shifted over time?

I spend approx 2-3 hours a day blogging. And there are days where my 'regular' design studio work takes up the entire day, that's when I blog late in the evening, when our daughter is in bed.

Have you met anyone through Swiss Miss that has left you awe struck?

Yes, many! But there's one moment I look back to often: I remembered thinking "I can't believe this person reads my blog!"  when I was introduced to Michael Bierut (of Pentagram).  His face light up, he shook my hand and said: "I love swissmiss". Now, that endorsement is Designer Blogging Nirvana.

What is your dream project?

A complete identity / visual language development for a software product and everything that goes with it: User Interface and Interaction Design, Packaging, Marketing Website, Marketing Material etc. Similar to my time at Thinkmap when I had the task to design 'everything Visual Thesaurus'). I enjoy the challenge of translating a brand and experience into all these different facets of a product.

Do you have a favorite font?

This is ever changing but my current top 5 are:

Gotham Condensed

Pilo Thin

Mrs Eaves

Helvetica Neue


Describe your dream home, please.

My dream home is white, inside and out, with a bright red front door. The focus point is its big open kitchen (designed by my husband, of course, he is a kitchendesigner) and connectsto to a huge room that is both a dining and living room. I envision a sun-filled room with extremely high ceilings with a huge wooden table with benches on each side (must seat 12 people at all times) And hanging from the 'really' high celiings is a red Calder Mobile... I haven't gotten to the upstairs rooms yet! :)

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Checking my email in the middle of the night on my iPhone. A very bad habit...

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am about to relaunch my newly designed site (swiss-miss.com) within the next 2 weeks. My readers will be happy about some much needed functionality like search and more advanced content filtering. But I am most excited about the option of changing the way you access the content by choosing between two different views.

Find Tina daily on swiss-miss.com and see her design work on here.

Tina's Home office via Design Sponge.

Tina Roth Eisenberg runs a successful graphic design company, but is perhaps better known as the author behind the design-centric blog, SwissMiss. The self described Swiss designer gone NYC covers everything from typography to eyebrow dances, curating a specific cross-section of humor, design and inspiration.


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