7 Quotes on Living Well from Michael Graves
By Kerrie Kelly / Published by Dwell
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1. “Inspirations come from the challenge…look at the site, make drawings, see the way it works.”

Here are seven quotes on living well from Graves.

2. “Generally people think that good design is how it looks. It is how it looks, how it feels, the character it has, the whole thing in one package. To make something good it takes all of those ingredients worked out.”

3. “Don’t make something you are not going to be proud of in your lifetime, let alone 100 years from now. Don’t build for the moment…make a classic.”

4. “I am aware of all of the nuances around me. It helps with the physicality of the work…you are a part of that culture…making new objects for the society.”

5. “Know when to say ‘yes’ even if it is for little money…it will allow you to do other things.”

6. “The computer is wonderful for certain things, but it is hard for your mind and hand to work together unless you continue to draw…they don’t have to be beautiful drawings, just get it down. It is your language, you cannot give it up.”

7. “Keep school in your mind for the rest of your life and you will be a very lively designer.”

For more inspiration from Michael Graves, watch our video here.


Kerrie Kelly


Kerrie L. Kelly is an award-winning interior designer and author.

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