7 Questions for Marc Kushner
Best compliment?
I just got an email from a former student that I inspired them to pursue architecture, she had just finished grad-school. That blew my mind. Currently reading?Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick. I have developed an unsettling obsession with North Korea, its built environment and the plight of its people.Last film watched?Super 8. I kind of loved it. Your eureka moment?When 400 people showed up to the Architizer launch party in NYC. We realized then that we had hit a nerve. Architects were desperate to show their work and the public was super eager to see it, but the democratic vehicle was missing. Almost 25,000 projects later, that void has been filled.Best advice?"Start your own firm now, it doesn't get any easier later." Juergen Mayer H—the esteemed architect from Berlin, and my mentor and good friend—told me that when I got laid off in 2007. It was a terrible time to start a firm, and I am so glad that I did. Worst-ever idea?Archi-Pail kids. An early editorial feature on Architizer. I couldn't figure out why it was not a success, and part of me still can't. Mr. T-Square!Looking forward to?My October trip to Malawi with my sister who started and runs the amazing non-profit Goods for Good.
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