6 mirrors from interior designer Sally Kuchar

6 mirrors from interior designer Sally Kuchar

Reflections have captivated us (literally!) for as long as we've had intellect enough for self-awareness. Here are six mirrors that will reflect well on any room.

Mirrors have captured the aesthetically inclined, navel-gazing set since Narcissus first glimpsed himself in the pool. Whether expressed as objects or as symbols in art, literature, or music, they are the preferred surface for self-speculation. One need only study Velázquez’s Las Meninas, Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergères, or perhaps the lyrics to a certain Michael Jackson tune to understand the impact of an artfully placed mirror.

But a mirror does more than simply reflect your face; its form and scale can convey a lot about your personal aesthetic. Contrary to what Ovid might say, that which a mirror beholds is more than a shadow of a reflected form; it has a substance of its own that can, at the very least, metamorphose a room. What’s more, there’s a host of quirky interpretations of the traditional wall mirror that will capture your personality in addition to capturing you.

To make sense of these unusual wall hangings, we asked interior designer Sally Kuchar, whose energy and wit are reflected in each of her designs (and whose yen for aesthetic transformation would make the King of Pop proud) to help us decipher which of these six mirrors is the fairest of them all.

Follow us through the looking glass with designer Sally Kuchar as we reflect on the frabjous—and mimsy—mirrors available in the jabberwocky world of design.


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