5 NanaWall Bifold Door Projects That Redefine Architectural Possibilities

If home is where the heart is, then NanaWall promises to quicken your pulse with enhancements that delight the imagination. Transform fixed walls into flexible openings that invite the outside in and remove visual and physical barriers.
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Enjoy the expanded sense of space, yet stay comfortable with a transparent barrier that protects you no matter what the climate or seasonal extreme.From new construction to remodeling projects, NanaWall can redefine your home experience. 

Here is a series of projects featuring NanaWall technology that seamlessly integrates function and beauty, solving the most complex design challenges, and inspiring new ideas for buildings and homes.NanaWall Bifold Doors Redefine Architectural Possibilities.

  1. Loblolly House

The project goals included providing savannah-like views of the Chesapeake Bay and opening the interior fully for natural ventilation. The plan also called for thermal insulation when the operable glass walls are closed.  

2. Wapiti House

For this Wyoming vacation home, the goal was to create a sustainable design that incorporated as many "green" materials as possible. The NanaWall systems used are all-aluminum and have minimal sightlines which suited the aesthetics of the project.

3. Pacific Northwest Residence

Energy efficiency and performance was an important consideration for this Vancouver BC residence. The HSW60 system provides the ability to store the system completely out of sight when open but also provides outdoor access through a single action swing panel when closed.

4. Sunset Strip Residence

The pre-existing French doors and large windows were not maximizing on the stunning panoramic views at this Hollywood CA residence. During a renovation project, the space was transformed with jaw dropping results.

5. Mulberry Point House

The architect’s ambition for this home was not simply to frame the view but to become one with the landscape. The NanaWall system achieved this in one elegant and dramatic gesture.

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