5 Essential Design Elements of the Modern Kitchen

5 Essential Design Elements of the Modern Kitchen

By Dwell and Allie Weiss
Presented by KitchenAid
The kitchen has evolved significantly over the years, and new advancements in technology and materials continue to push the space into new territories. Yet the key characteristics of the modern kitchen show no signs of going away. Here, we take a look at five core principles of the modern kitchen.

1) Quality
Homeowners today look for brands they can trust, and high-quality products that will support their lifestyles for many years. Even the newest crop of consumers, Millennials, are building brand alliances early on that influence their purchasing decisions for years to come. KitchenAid appliances come with a red medallion, inspired by its iconic stand mixer, that represents the craftsmanship behind the brand and establishes that trust. 

2) Materials
Materials are a crucial element of the modern kitchen. They should be durable, with an ability to hold up over time, but also easy to clean. It’s also important that the materials selected complement the rest of a house's design scheme. Chrome inlaid frames on KitchenAid’s ovens, ranges, and refrigerators are an example of how every material is chosen thoughtfully in the modern kitchen. Read our post about kitchen materials today for more information.

3) Ease of use
Accessible design is becoming a central conversation in the design world. More than ever, homeowners are looking for ease of use—products that can be smoothly operated and will help create a seamless kitchen space for all. A cross-hatch texture appears on the bladed knobs of KitchenAid burners, making it easy to move the dials through different heat levels. The knobs are also back-lit so the user knows when the burner is on.

In addition, the satin cross-hatch handles on KitchenAid appliances are both easy to grip and easy to clean—key requirements in the modern kitchen.

4) Technology
Advancements in technology are making the kitchen more efficient in myriad ways. Things like sleek digital controls that present more options than analog presets are no longer an extra bonus—they’re a requirement. KitchenAid appliances feature digital controls illuminated by white lighting for added legibility. Read about more cutting-edge kitchen features here.

5) Open-plan layout
Today's kitchen is a central part of the home. When combined with a dining room or living room, the kitchen becomes a key area for cooking and socializing that is fully immersed in the day-to-day activities of a house. The modern kitchen is enjoyed throughout the day—not just at mealtimes.


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