11 Van Conversion Companies That Will Do the Legwork for You

Get on the road faster by leaving the carpentry and wiring to the pros.

Whether you're looking to conquer rugged terrain off-grid or simply want an adventure-ready vehicle, camper vans pose a great solution for those eager to take life on the road. If you don’t quite have the skills to trick out your own van, don’t worry—you can always have one revamped for you. Below, we’ve rounded up 11 van conversion companies that are here to help. All you’ll need to do is pack your bags.

1. Glampervan

More than just a weekend getaway vehicle, Glampervan’s MUV (multi-use vehicle) can serve as your own two-person camper with a queen-size bed—and it can also house a mobile office. If you happen to already have a RAM Promaster 136 High Roof van, Glampervans can "upfit" their designs into the vehicle. The process runs from around $39,000 to $80,000, depending on your selections. 

Glampervan’s Promaster MUVs come in a range of options to meet varying budgets and needs.

The wood interiors have a customized, utilitarian feel. The bed in the back can be raised so that the space can also be used as an office. 


ZENVANZ offers everything from DIY kits to complete 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter conversions. (The former starts from $18,000, and the latter costs around $165,000.) In addition to all of the vans being crafted with flexibility, modularity, and longevity in mind, each one is constructed so that the designs can be removed with ease, should you decide to convert your van back into a daily vehicle.

A 2017 ZENVANZ 4x4 Sprinter with a Stone Gray paint exterior.

The interiors feature streamlined curves and solid bamboo panels. 

3. Outside Van

If you love 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, Outside Van should be on your radar. Based Portland, Oregon, the company turns out over 100 custom van conversions per year, specializing in Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. With the option to purchase pre-built designs or made-to-order models like the Fusion or the Peak, each van is customized to the client’s specifications. Prices range from $22,000 to $300,000—with more luxe builds boasting custom features such as hydronic heated floor systems, showers, e-bike charging stations, and more. 

This converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 features a mini kitchen, table, and dining area with benches that pull out to form a 74-inch bed.

The captain’s chairs swivel to create additional seating, and there is even room for gear. 

4. This Moving House

After realizing how much he enjoyed converting a secondhand 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, Jack Richens decided to turn his hobby into a business called This Moving House. The England-based company offers bespoke camper van conversion services, helping clients with everything from navigating electrical and water options to personalizing their storage solutions and interior design.

Jack Richens of This Moving House transformed an empty delivery van into a cozy, 91-square-foot mobile hideaway.

"The details in some of the woodwork gets into the realm of cabinetmaking—which, in retrospect, might have been taking things a bit far, but it was well worth the effort," Richens says.

5. Advanture Company

Advanture Company’s van conversion packages start at $36,000, with options for additional upgrades such as kitchenettes, additional windows, heating, and showers, as well as van color and surfboard racks or bike mounts. The team even offers to conduct the conversions in stages in order to break up the time and costs, helping you build out your van on a budget. 

The Redwood King by Advanture Company features rooftop ventilation and a solar setup. 

The van’s custom redwood interiors include a mini-kitchen counter with a live edge. 

6. Vanlife Customs

When Dave, the owner Vanlife Customs, decided to spend a year on the road, he did so in his first van, which he called Betty White. To make ends meet, the former Marine began building live-in van interiors in his clients’ backyards, which eventually led him to start his own business. Today, the Denver-based company creates customized camper vans for various adventure-seekers. 

This model features clean, simple interiors and a roof rack that houses 300-watts of Renogy Eclipse solar panels. 

The converted van boasts lithium battery power storage, a bluetooth-enabled SmartSolar controller, a Go-Power inverter, and room for two mountain bikes.  

7. Rossmönster Vans

The team behind Rossmönster Vans started out as custom woodworkers, carpenters, and engineers who shared a passion for the outdoors. After working on their first van conversion together in 2014, they fell in love with the process—and the rest is history. Whether you need a new base van or want to work with one you already own, the company offers custom woodwork with every build.

Most Rossmönster Vans builds are completed in three weeks.

The table in this converted van folds up and the banquettes can become a bed for two. 

8. Vanlife Northwest

Vanlife Northwest was founded in 2014 by Danny Hellevig, whose love of camping in the Pacific Northwest’s rainy forests led him to the van life. Based in Portland, Oregon, Vanlife Northwest sells overhauled Hiace 4WD vans for between $20,000 and $30,000, with the option to add the company’s beautiful Space Cabin Camper. (The costs of add-ons and conversions run at just about the same price as the Hiace itself.) Every van receives a full mechanical overhaul—and on top of that, the interior design elements take cues from midcentury materials and styles. 

The Hiace is compact enough to navigate tight trails and is equipped with four-wheel drive so you won’t get stranded on rough roads.

Inspired by camping in the Pacific Northwest, the stylized interiors maximize every inch of space and opportunity to feel connected to the outdoors. 

9. Ready Set Van

This New Jersey–based business transforms Ram ProMaster vans into off-grid adventure vehicles with open layouts and an optional Tesla battery system. Inspired by a 38-foot school bus that the team built for Burning Man, the company launched in March 2020—just before the pandemic lockdowns—and has been busy ever since. "Building that bus was an epic experience all by itself," says founder Ben Fraser. "We fell in love with the build process as much as the amazing journeys that followed." The build-outs range from $45,000 to $70,000—in addition to the cost of the van—with multiple financing options.

Ready Set Van’s systems are engineered to maximize off-grid capabilities, with an optional Tesla battery system that makes off-grid air-conditioning possible.

The relatively spacious, high-end interiors boast commercial-induction cooktops and options for indoor showers. 

10. Paved To Pines

This Canada-based van conversion company started after Mitchell Rosko and Steven Glass met as college roommates and hockey teammates in British Columbia. The region inspired their love of the outdoors and led to their first Skoolie conversion: A 40-foot 1992 Blue Bird school bus that the duo spent one year transforming into an RV named Judy. (Glass ended up living in the vehicle full-time.) Now, the company offers customized van conversions with multiple options, including one model dubbed Vanny DeVito. When it comes to design, Paved to Pines is pretty much up for anything. "Our team can build your rig to suit whatever your taste is," shares Rosko. "Contemporary, rustic, rugged—or anything in between."

Paved to Pines can customize builds to suit client needs. 

Builds take anywhere from three to six months, depending on the complexity of the project.

11. Boho Camper Vans

Based in Tempe, Arizona, these custom vans feature wood-paneled interiors with bespoke touches like tile backsplashes in the camper kitchenettes. The vans start from around $36,000, although prices vary depending on the custom upgrades and options. "We use the best electrical components on the market—from Victron Energy—to ensure the vans are equipped for off-grid use," shares co-owner David Soderman.

The company is also involved in many philanthropic initiatives, including a collaboration with Tempe-based Four Peaks Brewing Company and Wild Tribute’s "4 the Parks" program to support national parks and public lands. "We continue to find ways to give back, and are adding more campaigns this year as we grow," Soderman says.  

"Each van is unique," says David Soderman, co-owner of Boho Camper Vans. "We work with clients individually on their flooring choice, tile, upholstery fabrics, and more."

The signature red cedar interiors give Boho Camper Vans a tiny log cabin feel. 


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