15 Years Already? Dwell Founder Lara Deam Discusses Dwell's Exciting Future

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By Lara Deam / Published by Dwell
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Dwell’s founder shares her thoughts on celebrating the magazine’s anniversary by reflecting on the very first issue.

It seems like almost a lifetime ago that I started Dwell and got married in the same year. My twins are now 12 years old, and I have watched my other baby, Dwell, grow into a mature publication with over 325,000 subscribers. What a ride it has been.

Dwell's first issue from October 2000.

When I started Dwell, it was with the vision of elevating the level of discourse about architecture, design, and the communities in which we live. I am deeply gratified to see that so many of you have embraced Dwell’s ethos and have embarked upon projects that express your own interpretations of how to live "At Home in the Modern World."

I’m so excited to invite you to join me on the next chapter of our journey, as we launch a new digital platform and expand our Dwell on Design conferences. Our hope is that we will continue to encourage our audience to inform one another.

My sincerest wish is that Dwell has given you the vocabulary, inspiration, and resources to engage with the built world, and that you will live out your dream.