12 Apartment Rental Design Tips

12 Apartment Rental Design Tips

Apartment residents know all too well about decorating restrictions, but interior designer Nicole Sassaman comes to the rescue, offering up twelve useful tips for sprucing up an apartment rental, without having to run into your landlord.

1. New handles can change everything. You don't have to replace the cabinets. Change the handles, and you'll get a whole new feel. If you have the extra budget to spare, change up the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint for an even bigger transformation.  

Photo by: Raimund Koch

2. Don't change the light fixtures if paint can do the trick. No electrician needed!

3. Use chalkboard paint on a small wall or door to add some fun to your rental. It works out really well for kitchens.

Photo by: wonderjournal

4. Mirrored backsplash: Using a mirror as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom is an inexpensive way to enhance the entire aesthetic of the room. It also tricks the eye into viewing the space as much larger than it really is.

5. Dramatic paint job: Making a dramatic paint choice in a small bathroom creates drama. It's easy to paint back when you move out.

6. Tight on space for towels? Instead of using towel bars, use hooks. They fit more towels and are easier to keep looking good, as the towels don't have to be folded perfectly!

7. If you can't paint a wall but want to add some panache to your rental, hang a curtain instead. 

8. Another fun and easy tip if your landlord won't allow you to paint anything: Buy a large canvas and paint it whatever accent color you want. It adds the perfect dose of color without damaging anything or breaking the bank.

Photo by: Olinde's Furniture

9. Can't wallpaper, but want to?  Here is the perfect tip for adding some pattern to your space if wallpaper isn't in the cards: Just frame it. You can do a series of three or six and fill up a wall, making a big impact.

Photo by: Iro

10. Adding interest to a wall: Sculptural hooks can bring any wall to life and transform it into a conversation piece. 

11. A little paint can create a big accent. By simply adding a contrasting gray inside of the molding, a very dramatic look is created.

12. Higher-end upgrade for your rental: If you want to make a higher-end upgrade to your shower in your rental and your landlord is okay with it, you can add a small half wall as seen in this picture and cover it with a decorative tile to create style. Easy, stylish, and practical.


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