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I think it’s safe to say that we all know how it is to get caught up on Pinterest- spending hours pinning and envisioning what your home could look like based on photos of the best design and home décor trends out there. But sometimes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all so I’ve collected 10 of my favorite Summer design tips to apply to your home, things that you can build upon come winter. In California, our summer starts in July and expands through the early winter months, so let’s make the most of that easy, breezy summer lifestyle.

A Botanical Touch

Emulate the outdoors with some greenery and fresh cuttings around the house. Placing a mix of wildflowers in a vintage glass vase adds a rustic, relaxed element to a table scheme, succulents in mini concrete pods give life to an otherwise drab windowsill, or fiddle leaf fig trees in the corner of the room brighten it up and make a statement. Make it excessive with multiple hanging plants near a window or please guests with a bouquet of garden roses on a bedside table. Whatever you choose, giving life to your interior will help you maintain that airy mood you get from being in the outdoors. 

Printed Pillows

Since the Bohemian trend is dominating Pinterest as of late, this next tip seems fitting. Adding pillows in bold geometric patterns or assorted ethnic prints gives a carefree vibe to your room. Pillows can be changed out seasonally without a big commitment so take a risk with your pillow choices, it could really pay off!

Summer Textiles 

Switch out your textiles with the seasons. Get inspired by Turkish hammers (baths) and switch out your bath towels with traditional soft Turkish bath towels. These hand-woven towels are highly absorbent and fast drying and guests will feel like they are visiting a lure spa. The lightweight material is also easy to roll up and take to the beach or park

Linen bedding is another ideal choice for summer. The material is known to keep you cool in the summer. The lightweight texture emits an inviting look at the end of the day. Bonus, linen is also ideal in the winter so just add some earthier colors and accents to change with the seasons. 

Serene shades 

When Pantone announces its color of the year, the design world tends to listen. This year TWO colors were announced- both of which were serene, pastel shades. Think about painting one wall in your home with one of these tranquil shades – which will not only lighten a room but also create that calm, happy feeling that is associated with summer.

Stock the bar 

If you don’t already own a bar cart, now’s the time to purchase one! Perfect for summer entertaining, there are a number of different options to suit your style. Keep it stocked with fun glassware and seasonal ingredients for fresh, fruity cocktails.

Fireplace design  

Make use of a space that’s not being used! In the summer months, get creative and add to the scheme of your room. Fill the fireplace with oversize coral for a coastal look or stack books topped with different height candles for a subtle lighting scheme.


Summer days keep you constantly on the go so that last thing you want to worry about is coming home to clean. Keep the mess at bay by minimizing color and home décor accents. In the summer months, less is more so utilize storage areas to hide heavy accent items and keep the room airy and bright- easier to focus in and easier to clean and navigate.

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Window treatments

Switch out heavy blackout drapes for lightweight, gauzy panels that let the air flow in. Pure white strips of fabric feel fresh, not heavy and also add more light to the room, taking advantage of the longer summer days.

Bring interior furnishings outdoors  

When the weather warms up, expand your indoor space to the outdoor space. Create an open air space for relaxing, dining, whatever floats your boat. Add pillows, blankets, rugs and more to make the space cozy and an extension of your home.

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Graphic tiles

If you are in the process of redoing a kitchen or bath, why not be bold with graphic tiles. Creating a geometric pattern with your tiles, whether you choose contrasting black and white or tonal whites and beiges, it’s good project for the summer, and you can continue to build upon the 

What are some of your favourite home décor ideas to incorporate into the home in the summertime? 

About the Author:Lili McIntire is the owner of Gardenology, a retail home decor and interior design boutique with two brick and mortar establishments in Southern California. Gardenology is a forerunner in the upscale outdoor market and has proven to be a forward-thinking leader in the home design arena.


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