In 1978, David Easton founded Rammed Earth Works and began to fashion the foundations of what would become the modern rammed earth movement. Today Rammed Earth Works is a consulting and artisan construction firm specializing in the technologies and formulations of stabilized earth across the globe.

Beginning in the mid 1970’s, lead in large part by Watershed Materials' sister company Rammed Earth Works, the practice of rammed earth began to experience a renaissance. Builders around the world refined the methodology and revived a lost art. Rammed Earth went from a status of “what?” to “wow!” It is beautiful, energy storing, low carbon, and durable. Watershed Materials had the idea to capture the beauty and sustainability of rammed earth and squeeze it into the size and shape of the common concrete block. More people would build with earth. The planet would be better off.

Ingenious New Building Method Replaces Concrete Block with Rammed Earth
A new spin on rammed-earth construction aims to bring the method to the masses.