From our heads to your hands. Vessel is a showcase for the products we develop and sell around the world. We also feature designs by like-minded companies that we feel are worthy of a spot in everyone’s life. Each product is chosen for its careful mix of beauty and practicality. The result: products that can be put on a pedestal...but also taken down to use every day.

And our heads hurt. we’re faced with the challenge of satisfying our design impulses for an ongoing flow of appealing new objects, while also being responsible global product-producers (and consumers). Here‘s our way of treading lightly into the future:

develop a highly-edited line of products, and do such a good job people will keep them for years

make sure the products solve real problems, and don’t create new ones (especially environmental)

follow our products with responsible customer service, feedback, and recycling programs

find like-minded factories, stores, and customers