Bay Area Artist Tricia George has opened her studio doors exhibiting her most current works of art, as well as works in progress. This studio is a precious little gem tucked away in the industrial area of Terra Linda and is well worth the journey.
Tricia George’s studio/gallery exhibits a broad range of her pieces that are reflective of the wildlife she experiences when she is out in nature, traveling, hiking and exploring. She conveys her spiritual connection with each animal by immersing with the animal’s essence in a balanced and peaceful manner. The backgrounds of the paintings are quite the opposite from her subject matter. They are very layered and textural with various mediums on wood panels creating a distinctive contrast to her subject. The dichotomy of urban meets nature is reconciled beautifully in each of her paintings, as this is in fact the landscape of our times.

Tricia has been painting professionally for over 27 years as a decorative artist and fine artist. She holds a degree in Fine Art and Education from Dowling College in New York, her native town. Her murals and decorative painting can be seen throughout the Bay Area, such as the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and the widely known Dosa Restaurant on Fillmore and Post. Most of her work has been done in private residencies on the East and West Coast.

Tricia is excited and grateful to finally have a space of her own where she can create, exhibit and instruct all under one light and airy space. Tricia spends time daily in her art studio with her studio companion Shakira a Tuxedo Cat, who sometimes graciously greets her guests!

Tricia’s studio is inspired by the studio/gallery space that is common in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She works on numerous pieces at a time, preparing for shows and teaching her trade, but mostly painting. Tricia is at her Studio/Gallery every day; however, it is best to make an appointment prior to arrival. Best times for drop in’s would be between 1-4 pm.

For further information about Tricia George and her work, please visit her website at or email

Tricia George

Bay Area Artist

122 Paul Drive, B1

San Rafael, CA 94903