everyday objects have funWith TOMA, design takes leave of luxury and takes hold of daily living with a dash of humor and a hint of cunning: milk glasses for little drinkers, beer glasses for big thirsts, impish wineglasses, soft vases to keep your flowers blooming longer, psychedelic placemats, notepads for your scribbles and doodles, clocks that defy time… With pure lines to please the eye and messages conceived to engage the mind, each creation finds its natural place in the daily ritual of our existence.

All TOMA objects display the “made in Montreal” label and adhere to the green philosophy, using only recycled or recyclable materials.

Creator, designer and artistic director Anne Thomas founded Thomas design+communication in 1990 as a studio combining graphic arts and consulting services in order to produce visual solutions for businesses (branding, advertising and promotion). It was a short step from communication by object to communicating object, and Anne launched the TOMA OBJECTS collection in 2006. A number of designers have contributed to the collection, including Vill Mak, Laurent Pinabel, Rémi Côté, Monica Gautier and Jean-François Poliquin.