Teresa Sapey Architecture is an Architecture and Interior Design Studio founded and based in Madrid since 1990.
A team with great curiosity, we design spaces for different sectors and also ephimeral installations, graphics and product design. Our projects stem from emotions and feelings, where the aim is to produce emotions to the users of the spaces.

TS team is an expert in project development imbued with a delicate sensibility that emerges through the built space. Humor, color and harmony sprout both interaction and relationships with people, which is one of the purposes of space. Freedom of thought and expression intermingle with creativity, functionality, art and design, resulting spaces "tailor made".
Study philosophy speaks of freedom of thought and expression. Properly combining creativity, functionality, art and design, spatial result communicates very clear ideas. The study is distinguished by being specialized in beautifying urban spaces considered "non-places" as well as parking lots, bridges or tunnels. In general, to give life to the functional spaces of contemporary urban landscape.

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