RBA is committed to good design that seeks to create productive and exciting places for people to live, work and play. We work to achieve an architecture that fulfills the requirements of function while upholding our responsibility to design. The result is a building or space that performs for the client and user, and architecture that enriches the community it inhabits.

As RBA, we have continued to blend traditional architectural and design services with those projects requiring unusual and unique applications of our basic skills. On the traditional side our services facilitated the construction of the Dayton Riverscape and The Cooper Loft projects. More unique solutions were required to complete the renovation of two historic Dayton churches. One church has been developed as an indoor rock climbing gym and, the other, as market rate condominiums. While the firm specializes in the adaptive reuse of older buildings, we are equally adept at defining the brand new. RBA performs all production work utilizing the latest version of AutoCAD. Services of the firm include programming and design, interior space planning and design, construction documentation and contract administration.