After about 10 rough drafts, and page after page of babbling, it seemed we were writing a novel instead of an “about us” page…

We wanted to talk about how we were two high school friends who always dreamed of opening our own shop, and how it took YEARS for it to finally happen. How, after so many let downs & disappointments, we finally found the perfect spot to set up school.

We thought we would mention that we were perfectly happy with our little brick & mortar and never really planned on starting a website but also never anticipated (not in a million years) the overwhelming response we would get from people all over the world. A web shop seemed like the logical thing to do, considering not everyone can make it down to Silverlake..

We definitely wanted to talk about how sustainable design is a huge focus for us, and that green living is important to us, not only in business but in our personal lives as well. We wanted to be eco-friendly without being too in-your-face about it. The last thing we wanted was to be another shop selling all things hemp & bamboo ( not that we don't love hemp & bamboo).

We really wanted to point out how much we love and respect all of the artists and crafters whose handmade wares fill us with inspiration. One of the greatest things about having a shop is being able to support these talented folks and all of their creativity.

But mostly… mostly we wanted to say THANK YOU… thank you so much, to everyone who has supported us. When we opened our doors we just hoped (and prayed) that people would enjoy our products as much as we did. Your kind words and encouragement have made ReForm School a dream come true for us. We still get excited every time we get an email from someone wanting to be added to our mailing list. You will never know how much it means to us and we hope you continue to enjoy the shop as much as we do.

(Hey look at that… our “About Us” page is finally done!)

xoxo,Billie & Tootie