Plazma studio team creates, seeks, grows together, and believes in a specific role of the architecture art in cultural media since 1998. This web site presents the works most accurately stating our viewpoint: we care about what we create, and we cherish what we create irrespective of the project success and recognition by architectural analysts, or its memories remaining only in our sketches and hearts. We believe in what we have been doing, and are doing.

The main studio design objects are public interiors, and building reconstruction projects requiring the ultimate artistic attention. We are attracted by situations requiring non-traditional solutions, allowing us to manifest our position sensitive to the context, and representing the time being.

We strive to combine architectural formations with visual and applied arts in our creation. This way, we continue and cherish the fragile traditions of the Lithuanian interior. We endeavour to deliver full-bodied and artistic objects having a persisting value, and which lingers in public memories as denotements of quality, professionalism and our times.

Palace Intrigue
In the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, architect Rytis Mikulionis spent several years property hunting for his first nesting...