Michal Horevaj is a commercial photographer based in San Francisco who loves photo compositing and turning ideas and concepts into images. His work, both personal and commercial, often includes photo manipulation, CGI, illustration and other forms of imaging trickery.

Michal was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Photography was always exciting, but he did not take it seriously until he moved to the United States. His early interests were eclectic and unfocused. Michal was passionate about film, studied electrical engineering and later switched to special education. His early work experience was just as random, working as an industrial designer and later as a post office worker. In 1989 he arrived in Boston and bought his first camera. After a few rolls of film, he was hooked. He took photography classes at the Boston Museum School until a merit scholarship brought him to the San Francisco Art Institute. After college, Michal freelanced as a designer, worked as a retoucher for advertising clients and exhibited work in a few galleries.