Pull Up a Chair in One of These 20 Modern Dining Rooms
Looking into the holiday weekend, many of you may be spending a lot of time at the dining table over the next couple of...
Shelter No. 2, Broisson Architects, 2008

This prefab made mostly of recycled materials is modest, but not too modest for a spiral staircase. Three levels culminate in a large skylight, which filters natural light all the way down to the ground floor's hydroponic garden.
GRID, Carter Williamson Architects, 2012

Envisioned as emergency housing for after tsunamis, this steel prefab from Australia arrives flat-packed and can be assembled in four hours. With solar panels and rainwater tanks, it's possible for it to house up to 10 people in a pinch.
Inflatable Space, Penttinen Schöne, 2010

Commissioned as an interactive arts project in Essex, England, this swollen, whimsical structure is now used as a kid-friendly pavilion for a housing estate.