About us

Hoehler + alSalmy (H+S), specialize in creating prominent, architectural designs while setting the new benchmarks of the architectural scene in its operational surroundings. The development and promotion of alternative energy supplies and services is a focus for the company while being at the forefront of the nation’s sustainable designs, as well as having a commitment and reputation of combining the latest international building technologies and techniques drawn from its local traditions. The Consultancy utilizes on the skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of the integrated design teams to create unique contemporary designs, developed in full collaboration with both the client and users to produce environmentally friendly, energy-efficient project solutions that add value to the user and society to achieve full project satisfaction from all involved parties.

All designs are thoroughly researched and created as per the Clients’ needs and in line with the environmental surroundings of the project.

Our team specialise in:

• architectural design
• interior design • urban design

• project management • project supervision

Hoehler + alSalmy delivers innovative state of the art designs, created to have an exceptional visual impact on the architectural pattern of its immediate surroundings at the highest quality standards and project expectations.