Who is Grove?We are a small team of designers, programmers, and makers led by Joe Mansfield of engrave and Ken Tomita of TomitaDesigns. Our team of 5 take pride in doing everything related to Grove ourselves, including product and package design, logo and graphic design, web design and development, CNC and laser programming and production, all handwork and finishing, and marketing. GroveMade - made the right way!

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Commitments:Our products are 100% designed and made by us in Portland, Oregon USA. We utilize sustainable materials, natural finishes, and responsible packaging. We take pride in our process which is good for us and the planet. *FSC certified bamboo is used when available.*

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Community:We support a growing body of artists and encourage submissions. We empower you to fulfill your creative potential. We seek out opportunities for interesting collaborations.

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Why Bamboo?Aside from the natural beauty and strength, bamboo is a rapidly renewable grass which is the fastest growing plant in the world and can be harvested in 4-6 years. It plays an increasingly important role in environmental protection by reducing our reliance on timber forests.

Tech + Craft:Grove blends cutting edge laser and CNC technology with fine craftsmanship. Roughly half the work is done by machine and half by hand. No two of our products are exactly the same due to the natural variations of the material and hands of the makers involved.

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