An accomplished businessman, this graphic designer considers himself extremely comfortable, but says “success” is a difficult word to define. In his family, success is defined by monetary value, but he grew up hearing “Do what makes you happy” from his parents—two ideas he felt to be conflicting. However, he believes that the way his parents raised him gave him the freedom to make mistakes and find good opportunities for expressing himself creatively.

With his graphic design business thriving, he focuses his extra energies on his passions: being connected to nature and people and, perhaps most importantly, cooking and eating great food.

His love of nature and concern for the planet is evident in a recent search for a new cast-iron pan to cook Japanese-style dishes. “I looked for a product that was both safer to use and something that’s recyclable or I can hand down to someone. I like the idea that I won’t be contributing to waste.” The Japanese culture influences more than his cooking; it informs his purchasing decisions as well. “As a society, the Japanese try to respect the importance and awareness of others—not just people but the environment.”