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Gessato is the Italian term for “pinstripe.” More than a reference to our Mediterranean roots, the word evokes ideas of beauty and fascination. It’s sophisticated yet playful, recasting the notion of luxury as an effortless sense of elegance. Gessato is a lifestyle that defines its existence through both passion and finesse. It makes one think of style and sailboats, but also the small things in life, the finest of lines. Pronounced with a soft “g” like “gelato,” “Gessato” is about the little details that dot the way in our far-reaching pursuit of perfection.

A 1960s Airstream Transformed Into A Mobile Office
A rare vintage Airstream re-imagined as a mobile live/work space.
The Hendrick I. Lott House in Brooklyn
Step back in time and into old New York.
Two Pavilions
Creating new spaces from 18th-century ruins and the banks of a lake.