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Generation Z (ages 5-20) is unlike any generation before and is the largest generation alive.
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The Mt. Buller Home of Andrew and Tiffany Percy and Family via the Design Files.
Tasked with transforming a 93-square-foot brick boiler room into a guesthouse, architect and metalworker Christi Azevedo flexed her creative muscle. The architect spent a year and a half designing and fabricating nearly everything in the structure save for the original brick walls. "I treated the interior like a custom piece of furniture," she says.
The original arch and wall framing was retained between the dining room and the kitchen, while the kitchen has been expanded to encompass the former dining room. A three-by-nine foot quartz-topped island anchors the space and is the heart of the home; windows set below custom cabinets on the north wall provide light and ventilation. Photo by Whit Preston.
C Cúbica Architects designed the kitchen, keeping in mind that the family is health-conscious and enjoys entertaining at home. “We have an urban garden in the back that connects to the kitchen so they can get fresh herbs and take dishes directly to the dining room or the garden and pool,” says Cesarman. There’s also an electric curtain that can close off the kitchen from the living area when the family is entertaining.