Nomadic Italian designer Daniele Bortotto gleans inspiration from the places he visits: “I’m always on a train,” he says. Bortotto has tapped into generations of craftsmanship found in Venice and Treviso, working with master glassblower Massimo Lunardon on his Passerelle vases; with perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro on a range of plucky silicone scent diffusers; and with 125-year-old textiles company Rubelli on I Sestieri, a Jacquard loom fabric that mimics the colors and textures of Venetian walls. Borotto’s craft-centric yet heady approach comes courtesy of IUAV in Venice and ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Bortotto says that he mixes the practical and the theoretical, perhaps best expressed in his thesis project, a series of objects that explore scent and memory.

Personal Bio
Danielle Bortotto is a Product Designer supported by brands such as Rubelli and Moroso.