Charles Rose Architects has a distinguished design history creating award-winning buildings of exceptional quality and value. As the design principal, it has been Charles Rose’s responsibility to ensure that the work remains at the forefront of American design while meeting the unique parameters of each project. After graduating from Harvard University, Rose established the architectural practice and has been dedicated to designing innovative cultural, institutional, residential and civic projects for over 20 years. This work is located across the United States in widely varying settings, each presenting distinct physical, ecological, cultural and historical challenges.

The relationship of architecture to site is a constant and central focus of the work. For each project—whether urban, suburban or rural—the site and environment are closely studied to create an architecture that responds both formally, functionally and materially to the surroundings. This design approach has led to collaborations with landscape architects to create buildings and structures that are uniquely responsive to program and site. It has also led to a range of planning studies for public and private institutions—from small studies for the siting and development of single buildings to comprehensive plans.