Kendle Design Collaborative designs homes that speak to your heart and your place in the world, whether you live in a forest, waterfront, prairie or desert.

Kendle Design Collaborative builds homes from materials desirable for their inherent beauty and low maintenance, and that tell the story of their special place in the world. Affirming that our designs represent the best in function, craft and timeless design Mercedes Benz chose two of our homes from thousands they considered, to be featured in the company’s 2015 European marketing campaign.

Our commitment is to design a home, where, around every corner, you find something wonderful. Where, every day, you say to yourself, “I want to live here forever!” A home that brings you joy.


For me the number one attribute a successful home should have is that it brings its owners and their guests Joy.

JOY, what brings us Joy is different for everyone. I feel my primary job as an architect is to understand enough about my clients, about what brings them joy, to embody that in the design of their new home so they feel it every day they are within it.

This Process starts having conversations, asking questions and questioning answers until I am inside their head enough to understand their priorities, their values and most of all WHAT BRINGS THEM JOY.



What we practice is Regional Modernism. It’s not a “style”. It’s what we are passionate about, it’s what we believe in, it’s what we know and it’s in our soul.

When you look at our website you won’t find Mediterranean, you won’t find Tuscan or French Country. It’s not who we are. The homes we design are in harmony with nature; they celebrate their context and reflect the unique values of the individuals we design for.

WHY? Because when you design in this manner you transcend Style, you give the home roots, a reason for being what and where it is – you create timeless living architecture.