Brent Humphreys was born and bred in Dallas, Texas. As a youngster growing up in Lake Highlands, days were filled with BMX, creeking and fire experimentation. Preteen, a strong work ethic began to form and was exhibited throughout the teen years through many occupations such as paperboy, package clerk, waiter, valet, and salad bar sherrif at a Texas-themed steakhouse. Deemed a "special" student, he left Lake Highlands and graduated from Bending Oaks High School. After a summer stint as a tennis instructor, a desire for surf and photography led him to Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, but a love for family, friends and humid heat brought him back. Now based in Austin, Texas, he is raising several cactus and an 8-year-old cross-eyed cat "Fuji", named after the mountain (not the film). When not traveling to shoot, Brent enjoys motorcycle camping, mountain biking, snowboarding and table tennis.

A Renovated Midcentury Gem in Austin
A 1960s home with an unusual awning gets upgraded with 21st-century conveniences while maintaining its Austin street cred.