Scandia Senior Easy Chair

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When Hans Brattrud designed the Scandia chair collection in Norway in the 1950s, the idea was first born from a school project. About a year later, he discovered laminated wood at a German fair—and the rest is history. Even though it wasn’t a material that was usually sourced at the time, he was able to convince a Norwegian factory to join his experimental journey. By 1961, they gathered a large stock of laminated wood and began officially manufacturing the collection. After years of success, production came to a halt in the early 1970s—but was recently revived and made available in America. With the official approval from Brattrud himself, the collection is exclusively manufactured in Norway by Fjordfiesta out of either American walnut or American oak. Along with the Scandia Senior Easy Chair that's shown here with a satin chrome swivel base, the collection includes multiple shapes for both dining and lounging. You can also choose to add a leather headrest or various shades of sheepskin overlays.