George Kovacs Simple Small Table Lamp

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Simple Small Table Lamp measures at a height of 11"H, keeping a low profile while providing subtle yet warm illuminating glow. Featuring a gorgeous etched opal glass sphere that celebrating its mid-century roots, the Simple P1831-1 Table Lamp is nestled within a crisp chrome cap.

George Kovacs started a lighting store in Manhattan in 1954, became a renowned designer during the '50s, '60s and '70s and sold his company name in 2000 to the Minka Group. Today, the George Kovacs brand designs decorative lighting in mid-century modern and contemporary styles with a creative and often humorous approach, incorporating clean lines and unexpected twists and curves. From the curvaceous P722 Table Lamp to the minimalistic Twist and Shout LED Linear Suspension, their creations are sophisticated and comfortable at the same time.

Photo Courtesy of Minka Group