86 Shed & Studio Living Space Design Photos And Ideas

Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth collaborated on a prefab shed-meets-sleeping cabin, which can be assembled with little else than a screwdriver. Bergroth, inspired by nomadic yurt dwellers, wanted an indoor/outdoor experience for her property in Finland.
With a front facade of glass, inviting double doors, and engineered wood cladding, this prefabricated she-shed was designed by Studio Shed and is often used as a home office for women starting their own businesses or who wish to work without leaving their children for the day.
This Californian she shed was built based on a kit by Everton that arrived with about 85 different components. Once the structure was built, final steps included personalization of the she shed, like paint and flooring selection and installation of curtains and other furniture.
In Avalon, Australia, Olaf von Sperl and Cindy Goode Milman designed a she shed for the corner of Milman's backyard with $15,500. As an artist, she sought a space that would work as both a functional studio as well as a place of respite to enjoy the beautiful year-round weather of the area. With a roof of translucent polycarbonate panels topped with a planted green roof, this she shed is one-of-a-kind.
In San Luis Obispo, California, this rustic she shed was constructed in less than three months and was heavily inspired by the existing buildings on the owner's vast property. Doubling as a guest bedroom and the owner's own retreat, a delicate color palette of pale green and white contrasts with the live-edge pine siding on the exterior, which was repurposed from a felled tree on the property.
The interior of the she shed by Modern Shed features wood paneling and exposed beams. The prefabricated shed meant that it was ready to be used within a few days of its arrival on site.
When a homeowner needed extra space for her growing business, she also looked no further than Modern Shed for her minimalist she shed, with a sloped roof, clerestory windows, and personalized window and door locations. A color scheme that worked with the colors of her historic home also on the property gave it its finishing touches.
In Seattle, an artist sought an affordable option for her own studio and looked to Modern Shed, a company that provides solutions for storage and limited living spaces like studios and office sheds. Metal panels in gray and red clad the exterior, and natural light pours in through glazed double doors and clerestory windows.
For artist Heather Kahn, a backyard painting studio attached to her home's original garage is the perfect place to work. The light blue paneling echoes the wood paneling on the main house, but the color distinguishes it and gives it a sense of personality.
Constructed by landscaper Ronald Gramajo for a California family, the outbuilding would make for a great she shed for relaxing,  hanging out, writing, or even yoga or art.
The windows have custom screens made from walnut.
Shiplap pine walls, primed white, complement unfinished concrete floors and a wood stove by Jotul.
"We basically asked [Doulis] to help us create a space that could help contain all our current farm needs and hobbies while also imagining what might lie ahead for our farm," says Fletcher.
Sea caves on the property forced the architects to split some of the living space into a 483-square-foot guesthouse.
The Backyard Lounge and Office is 330 square feet and features windows on all sides.
A guest bedroom, with furniture from Room & Board, overlooks the bridge above the dining courtyard. The home’s landscape architecture is by Ventura, California–based Jack Kiesel. Photo by Coral von Zumwalt.
The structure is comprised of sheets of glass, a steel armature, and a wood shed that hugs the rear facade
A snug attic room.
A small library under the stairs
The garage, studio and Haven (outdoor porch retreat) are clustered to complete the courtyard, with accent colours providing identity and visual relief.
View from rear with Haven and Studio to right
An abundance of natural light creates ideal work conditions for the client, while the one-inch-thick insulated glass helps mitigate solar heat gain.
Two white pocket-doors flanking the stainless steel work station conceal storage (to the right) and a hallway (to the left) that connects to the existing home and a bathroom.
Clean, simple colors allow wood tones to glow, tying back to the outdoor environment.
Five windows fill the playful loft space with natural light.
Marco V. Morelli says his Studio Shed is the perfect refuge. “It’s changed my life for the better,” he says. “I’ve gotten so much more work done, and I think my marital relations are much better because I have a place of my own.”
Tanya, Chris, Jackson, and Zeke spend much of their day outside.
The walls of the cinema room/guest bedroom are covered with Seasons Autumn Cloud Forest. Because it’s a cinema room, Zeng and her husband knew they wanted a dark colored wallpaper to help minimize the light reflection from the projector. "We immediately thought of our Cloud Forest design. Full of drama, the surreal composition of plants floating between the clouds seemed like the perfect fit for a cinema room," she says.
The Shudio and patio with privacy trellis.
Working with his colleagues at Austin Maynard Architects, architect Andrew Maynard added a 184-square-foot, sun-saturated greenhouse extension to his existing 364-square-foot home, and the new space serves as an office for him and his team.
Designed by Stockholm firm Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter, this prefab artist studio called Ateljé 25 is shaped like a Monopoly house, serves as an artist’s studio and has simple plywood interiors and massive skylights.
A dual work-live studio in Rhode Island.
The studio is also complete with a kitchen and a sleeping loft so that it can serve as self-sufficient guest quarters.
A workspace in the studio.
A smaller, rectangular building between the two blocks that's equipped for surfing-related activities.
The bunkhouse annex contains a workshop, kitchen and wine cellar.
Close up of the interlocking broom heads
Broom heads were locally sourced for the project
The micro-office was built to replace a former garden shed
The hidden entrance slides open.
The office is a 13-foot walk away from the home office
The communal reception building.
This 340 sf Maryland ADU replaced an existing one-car garage.
This 460 square foot addition to a Cape Cod home houses adds much needed space for additional family members.
This modern ADU sits in the corner of the backyard, the exterior paint colors reflect the palette of the main home and creates uniformity.
By removing internal walls, the couple transformed an additional unit, marketed by Blu Homes as a guest suite or studio, into a gym and home office. “We really liked the idea of the overall design of the model and the ability to tweak it a bit,” says David.
The ceramics studio was formerly a pergola wrapped in chicken wire, used as a dog kennel by the previous owner. Inside the new structure, a vintage Danish chair, found on eBay, provides a modern perch. The windows’ deep mullions double as display shelves.
Architect William Carpenter, glimpsed in his second-floor design studio, built Lightroom 2.0 to sit unobtrusively among its 1920s neighbors in Decatur.
Fein designed and built a 120-square-foot structure on his Kansas property to serve as a studio space for him and one other employee when the firm was starting out.
Here Tim tinkers with works-in-progress in his studio space, situated across the courtyard from Nathalie’s.
“For me, an idea can come from anywhere,” says Tim, an artist who has an interest in product design, and often incorporates found items into his work. “I really enjoy the challenge of finding an object and responding to it.”
Chairs made from the seats of a Ferrari BB 512 face the tower’s large window, which overlooks the sea

If you have ever considered building a modern shed or studio in the backyard, you'll appreciate the projects below, which prove that small spaces can deliver a big impact. Transform this often dormant space into a family room, hobby studio, or meditation room. Give the humble backyard shed a chance to shine—forge an opportunity for better living or enhanced storage.