214 Outdoor Small Patio, Porch, Deck Grass Design Photos And Ideas

The home is accessed from the rear via a gravel path.
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"The most challenging part of the design was fusing the old part of the house with the new addition," says principal architect Alex Terry. The character and architectural integrity of the single-level 1950s ranch house was thoughtfully reconsidered during the addition and remodel. The home’s front porch, typical of the period, was refreshed with Ipe decking and railing.
A peek at one of the home's covered outdoor seating areas—a perfect spot for relaxing and taking in a gorgeous Australian sunset.
A grated metal footbridge with hog-wire, guard-rail panels connects the top of the mesa from the west side to the observation deck. Stairs lead to the glazed studio and hunting blind below.
On warm days, Encarnacion can be found lounging in her hammock in the backyard.
A timber terrace offers the spot for al fresco dining.
The home is also equipped with an infrared heater and a wireless bluetooth speaker.
They unified the main house, rear stable and a new pavilion in the garden with corrugated colorbond steel metal cladding.
Perforations were added to the boundary wall on the east, and entrance was moved to the side to become a bright corridor that connects the old house with the stable and pavilions.
Sections of the walls along the south-facing deck are painted bright blue to complement the sauna's pinkish-red door.
The home's L-shaped design conceals an outdoor pool and yard from the neighbors.
This private outdoor space would be otherwise unavailable within a hillside home.
With the home being located just minutes from the beach, the outdoor shower from Kohler's Purist collection is a perfect spot to rinse off after excursions.
The backyard gives a clear view of the modular construction.
A covered sitting area at the edge of the pool.
Three story rear addition.
view to new addition from rear lawn
House in the Lanes
Casa Bosque, which sits in a forest along the Argentine Coast, hugs a sloping, 6-foot dune.
A Series 600 Multi-Slide Door from Western Window Systems stretches for 25 feet across the length of the living area.
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The owners wanted to improve the connection between the interiors and the outdoor garden.
The L-shaped layout embraces a patch of a private garden where the owners can lounge in the sunshine, picnic on the property, and take in views of the nearby lake.
East Elevation
East Elevation Entry Detail
West Elevation
West Elevation @ Dusk
View from Southwest @ Dusk
While Falck built most of the tiny home himself, he hired a local carpenter to build the window frame and door.
Adjacent to the cabin is a spacious deck that is raised above the ground on wooden stilts.
Custom Bioretention Planter (Landscape Architecture by CampionHruby)
Durable fiber-cement HardiePlank clads the rear facade.
Carstensen updated the deck, replacing the vertical posts with screen to create a more open feeling.
The screened porch is just a few steps from the back door and deck, making for easy circulation between the different areas.
Carstensen landscaped the backyard and added a simple firepit circle with chairs. This seating area merges easily with the new screened porch.
The home, like the surrounding clusters of oaks, simultaneously shelters and defines the clearings.
The interior courtyard of the home faces northeast, looking out over the rolling hills.
The negative space is defined by key vistas.
A deep roof overhang creates a sheltered outdoor patio for enjoying north-facing views of the landscape.
The addition of black metal perforated screens along the perimeter of the garden provide privacy and light, without appearing to be too austere.
New addition and patio from outdoor garden: the concrete terrace extends into the garden, and receives daylight over the house from the southern sun.
New addition from outdoor garden
Viewed from the street looking west, the first third of the lot was landscaped to be an extension of the adjacent land and water conservation project and to provide an undisturbed animal habitat.
"The border between inside and outside fades because of the perpetuation of the washed concrete flooring, reminiscent of cannon bases. Just like the shutters of the old barn, the sliding facades of the expansion offer the opportunity to seal off the guest complex entirely," explains Vanhoutte.
On the ground floor, the house comprises a series of brick volumes.
By reducing the facade, which faces the strong western sun, the architects could minimize the amount of sunlight entering the building.
"This long rectangular view was carefully detailed to widen the perspective of the garden, creating an optical illusion of making the garden itself feel wider then it actually is," says Ong.
The original extension blocked airflow and sunlight into the house, which resulted in dark, cramped living spaces. By adding three massive sliding doors to open up the garden-facing wall of the house, Ong has made the interiors look and feel brighter and more spacious.
"We immediately knew the best method to bring value through design would be to remove the lean-to," says Ong. His solution was to pull open the rear façade and alter the relationship between the existing spaces with the garden outdoors.
To make the home look and feel larger, the MODO team ironically made the new house smaller in size.
Sliding glass doors open the bedrooms up to their own private patios; the opaque walls conceal the bathrooms.

Whether it's a backyard patio, an infinity pool, or a rooftop terrace, these modern outdoor spaces add to the richness of daily life. Escape into nature, or get lost in city views. Wherever you are, let these outdoor photos take you somewhere new with inspirational ideas for yards, gardens, outdoor tubs and showers, patios, porches, and decks.