3 Kitchen Open Cabinets Dishwasher Pendant Lighting Recessed Lighting Drop In Sinks Design Photos And Ideas

Choose meaningful embellishments. “Homeowners tend to focus predominantly on the utilitarian components of their kitchen remodels and place less emphasis on decorative elements such as tile, open shelves, visual art pieces,” says Nicole Tysvaer of Galaxy Homes. “The kitchen is the heart of our homes and the most occupied space. I encourage all of our clients to consider meaningful embellishments that add beauty and a personalized touch to their kitchen remodel, such as a display of heirloom teacups, framed photography from family vacations, or decorative wall art.”
The kitchen and dining areas serve as the heart of the home and connect to a small greenhouse via stairs.
New Zealand architect Gerald Parsonson and his wife, Kate, designed their vacation beach home in Paraparaumu with an open-plan kitchen with open shelves, bar light bulbs, and bright orange MDF cabinets.