Estrategias para el Desarrollo de Arquitectura’s (EDAA) most recent project is Yácatas 475, a building that seeks to solve the complexity of integrating a contemporary architectural proposal into an irregular cityscape while facing real state pressures: high land value, densification, construction regulations, construction costs, market demands and timing.
A black-reflective square-shaped facade is the response to the context. It captures the neighborhood reflections and the surrounding lights, while building a special character. It impregnates itself with the surroundings and it deals with the local architecture’s history as reinterpreting the modernist tiles facade. It uses this long lasting material not only for tradition and low-maintenance qualities, but also for its aesthetics properties: color and light saturation.

The architecture offers comfort living through continuous space, natural light, ventilation, flexibility and carefully chosen materials. The nine apartments are continuously open to the outside on the front and rear ends. The rooftop terrace, open corridors and generous terraces become common areas to enhace relationships.

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