This studio/workshop scaled structure represents a modular system of units designed and built by VTectonics.  

Tectonics is defined by the relationship of units in a system producing a focus on adaptability and consistency.  

Each rib can vary in material, scale, angle and proportion for the sake of program, site, or timeline. The building method also allows for constant revision based on changing needs or resources as the dimensions operate along a consistent ratio. The sheathing and sidewall materials can also vary, from commercial grade membranes, to glass, to insulated panels 

This iteration stems from a modular system designed with the intent of creating a "breathable" or resource independent house.  A system which allows the house to act as a processor of resources whose byproduct is a habitable living unit. Future iterations will express this with each "rib" or cavity having a particular function for  the sake of the overall unit. 

In this case the "ribs" are set at a 2' frequency.

The floor plan is 12'w x 26'l, with a 12' high face a 16' roof plane and a 10' low face. with the end walls being made of reclaimed materials. The structure takes approximately 4 typically skilled workers 2 days to erect and wrap.

The version in the photos costs approximately:  $ 5,000 or about $15.00 / sf  x 312 sf

Please contact info@vtectonics.com for a specific assessment

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  • House (Single Residence)
  • Style
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2014
  • Square Feet
  • 312