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Sergio Zalamea
Landscape Design
Sebastian Torres A.

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The household is located at the eastside of the city, on the slopes of the valley formed by the Cuenca River. It makes the most of a generous piece of land with an environment full of landscapes, privileged views and a nice climate. This is way we made our mission to guarantee the proper usage of the interior and exterior locations, having at the same time the utmost care for little aspects that defined the implantation of the house. The first thing to take into account was the topography of the lot, in which two platforms were found. This situation was solved by designing the house on two levels and placing it between the two platforms as a retaining wall, thus guaranteeing the use of both levels of the land. The orientation of the house in the East - West direction prevents to some extent the solar radiation on the roofs and allows to open the spaces towards the South, where the best views are found.

Having the general idea defined as a result of the implantation, the program of the house was organized in two floors, the income and social area were located in the highest platform of the land, functioning as the adults area. The ground floor, at the level of the low platform of the property, was dedicated to the activities of the children. The two levels were articulated with a familiar double height. This conformation allowed to enhance the use of gardens and outdoor spaces, in which special attention and interest was placed, providing elements that can attenuate the solar radiation towards noon and chimneys that prolong their use at night.

The use of traditional materials of the area was a requirement that had to be incorporated into the project from the beginning, as the house is part of a neighborhood where you can find homes that go a couple of generations back. The use of stone, tile, brick, wood, in harmony with current construction techniques and installations and paying close attention to quality and detail are the aspects that gave its final form to this work.