The new project of an apartment in Łódź with bold pattern and colours were made to express the character of Investors.

This small apartment have a bright white entrance hall with capacious wardrobe and place to sit. Additionally, the space is augmented by wide mirror near to the entrance. Black floor (which can also be found in the bathroom) gives an incredible contrast to the room.
In the small bathroom a connection of white and black colours creates an elegant look. Bold pattern and gaudy yellow shelf are interesting additions to the room.

Living room is the space where we have a strong colour accent. The black triangle on the ceiling combined with black walls gives the impression of accentuation on the entrance to the daily area. Warm colour of the wood and texture of timber creates a cosy atmosphere in the room.

The kitchen contains of all necessary kitchen appliances and the washing machine. This small space is totally filled with high furniture.

A bedroom is a place to relax and wind out so this room is deprived of strong contrasts. White and grey colours combined with wooden floor creates an intimate atmosphere.

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