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Tree House at Jalan Elok

House (Single Residence)


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Albert Lim K.S.

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Conceived as a three-dimensional landscape installation with spatial pockets floating within, this house in Singapore literally brings the jungle indoors.

Though concrete buildings dominate Singapore’s urban landscape, the island nation has earned the nickname of "Garden City," thanks to its warm, tropical climate that brings forth abundant plant life.

Designed by Singapore practice Chang Architects, Tree House at Jalan Elok celebrates a garden concept by bringing lush greenery into a three-story residence near Singapore’s main shopping street, Orchard Road.

Integrating slender trees into the living area, the ground floor terrace, and kitchen—and incorporating internal green walls that extend to the full height of the tall building—the architect created a nature-inspired landscape. The final result boasts ferns, trees, and a man-made pond and waterfall in the atriums on the ground level of the house.

Skylights draw in sunlight during the day for natural illumination, while the plants and water features help keep the interiors cool. Stairs with open risers and slits result in improved ventilation, and offer varied visual perspectives at different heights within the house.

On the top floor is an open-air timber deck for alfresco dining, equipped with a mobile trellis that provides shade from the midday sun.