An 8-level office building, located in CDMX.

Built with a reinforced concrete and steel structure achieving large gaps, open spaces and open floors, making them more versatile for different uses of spaces.

The orientation is southeast-northwest, having natural light all day either from one or the other of the orientations, since we have floor-to-ceiling windows on both facades, achieving plenty of light, cross ventilation and exterior views on both sides.

The facades are proposed with exposed steel structures, forming glass panels, balconies and steel planters on each floor. The planters have a drip system thus achieving a natural vertical green.

The proposed materials are steel, concrete, glass and wood.

The lobby is covered in floors, walls and reception with travertine marble, the ceiling are made of steel panels as are the ceiling panels of the balconies on the façade and at the end of the lobby a wooden latticework.

Jose Juan Rivera Rio uploaded Torre 61 through Add A Home.
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  • JJRR/Arquitectura
  • JJRR/Arquitectura
  • Shawna Tavsky
  • Office
  • Style
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2020
  • Square Feet
  • 1000
  • Lot Size
  • 175