The Stevns House


This project is for a singlefamily house at village of Varpelev in the
southeast part of Zea- land, Denmark.

The brief was to design a 150 m2 home for a family of four persons. The
overall main idea, very early in the sketching phase, was to reinterpret

the traditional Danish white painted three parted farmhouses from the

18th century which are very common in the surrounding landscape of Var-


The landscape of Varpelev is shaped by the last iceage, and the house is
placed at the highest point of this landscape overlooking a huge open field. The

house consists of three parts: a long section which holds the entrance/ hallway, a pan-

try, kitchen, a small playroom and a study with huge panorama windows

facing the pristine land- cape. The mid sections consists only a large

livingroom connected to the kitchen and to the third part of the house

which contains another playroom, bathromm and master bedroom also with

panorama windoms to the landscape.

The house is built of light weight concrete blocks (H+H blocks), plaste-
red and painted white to ecco the traditional farmhouses. All windows

are made of teak wood. The inte- rior is all white with oak planks on

the floor.

Client: private
Address: Varpelev, Stevns, Denmark

Year: 2014

Size: 150 m2

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