The Painterly Approach

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This hillside garden responds to the movement of the wind, flow of the water and warmth of the sun.

Undulating landforms and a grassy swale integrate storm water management in an artful way as they divert surface water away from the house. Following this sinuous swale, the cascading stairway creates a helix-like pattern and links the top of the property to the pool area below.

Along this path we nestled a cozy sitting area, perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine and taking in the panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. The warm-colored planting palette was a conscious choice to counter the cool breezes and saturate this hillside canvas with painterly sweeps of fiery color. Drought tolerant, low-maintenance, Mediterranean plants attract hummingbirds and bees, providing nectar and habitat.

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Arterra Landscape Architects
Arterra is a landscape design studio focused on the creation of sculptural landscape forms and sustainable places. Each project takes inspiration from each unique site and its architecture to create gardens that provide a celebratory connection between built and natural forms.
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