Designed as a standalone multi-functional structure, the studio outbuilding was conceived of as a stage set and a lens through which to view the local site’s changing seasons. Large and small openings provide controlled views to the surrounding environment and the interior becomes a canvas for changing light patterns, sky conditions, snow and wind.

Part teaching tool - to help educate clients – and part learning lab, the studio is a place made for improvisation and experimentation. The compact footprint and humble presence conceals a deeper connection to the outside world and a place to greet and collaborate with new clients. The studio also serves as a stage set for teaching others about architecture via videos published on the studio's YouTube channel. In this way, a small structure has the ability to impact a much larger world.

Acting as a stage for musical performances, a place for family and friends to gather and a life-sized working mock-up of the practice’s simple, agrarian-inspired design aesthetic, the studio illustrates to potential clients how modest, unassuming materials can be made to feel expensive. As a teaching tool, the studio illustrates how a few simple materials, plainly fastened together nets a modern, authentic and affordable architecture.

Drawing inspiration from simple, agrarian structures, the studio’s form is an archetypal barn which – historically - served many functions and created a large sheltered space with little money. In a barn, everything has a purpose and its means of construction - the way it’s put together - the hand of the maker, is present – plain to see.

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Studio Entry Court

Firewood Storage

Barn Storage

Studio + Workshop Space

Rehearsal Space

Southwest View

Studio Meeting Space

Corner + Siding Detail

Interior Design
  • Josh Stoll + Michael Sweet


  • Style
  • Farmhouse