The CYRK Building is a 14,500 square foot commercial and residential gem located in southeast Portland. DECA, an independent architecture and interior design studio in Portland, Oregon, designed it as a live-work environment. The owner maintains a primary residence on the second floor and a business office on the ground floor. An additional 1,200 square feet is set aside on the ground floor for commercial and retail use.

The LEED Platinum certified CYRK Building is a pillar of innovative and environmentally focused architecture. The elegant design features a green roof, solar panels (both PV and hydrogen), a ground-source heat pump, FSC certified lumber, and passive and active solar shading. Krownlab's Baldur sliding door hardware is featured throughout the interior.

“The idea of creating a sustainable live-work building in a close-in, walkable neighborhood seemed like a smart way to use, time space and resources,” said project owner Bonnie Serkin. “It turns out we were right to consolidate our lives in one beautiful structure just down the street from the rest of our family and only a couple of blocks from restaurants and shops.”

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The DECA Architecture team designed a central gallery that connects the main stairwell entry to the dining room and living room.

DECA Architecture designed a moveable wall to create a guest area when closed, and join the space with the kitchen and dining room when open.

The moveable wall also serves as a door to the library.

The exterior of the CYRK Building.


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