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The Collection at R Street


Square Feet


From Teass \ Warren Architects

Located in the historic Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC, this project is a case study in missing middle typologies. The project provides a variety of housing choices, and a total of twenty-three units, all within one urban block. The site is well located to many walkable neighborhood amenities including restaurants, retail shops, library, and public transportation.

The gem of the project is the adaptive reuse of an 1880’s surplus school building into a twelve-unit condominium apartment building. The schoolhouse had been converted in the 1980’s to an office building for the Africare organization. A non-profit group that was merged with another organization and no longer needed the building.

Four new construction rowhouses are located on a former parking lot for the school building. The third development parcel is a free-standing duplex building located on a triangular lot at the corner of New Jersey Avenue and R Street.