What if that spare room you were thinking about adding on to your house could go with you? Not just when you move, but up to the lake next weekend?

Serene comfort meets mobility—that was the goal of Cubist Engineering's The Adirondack, a 100 square foot room that can live in any environment, from the backyard to the back woods. The loveseat by Article, the garapa and ipe trim and the wood-burning stove create a cozy den, while the wall of glass and 9.5-foot ceiling means you never feel penned in.

"We wanted to create a space that felt like an escape, no matter how close or far from home you put it," says Cubist co-founder John Carnett. "Watching the fire burn while the world passes by outside—it's hard to be stressed in here."

Like all Cubist Engineering small spaces, The Adirondack sits on a Transformable Trailer foundation with removable wheels and hitch, so it can be your backyard retreat during the week, then hitch to the SUV and be your mobile cabin on the weekends. That's why there's a hidden pull-out bed under the mezzanine and an RV-park style hookup for power.

The box is built from 5-ply cross-laminated timber panels, manufactured by Montana's SmartLam, with a fiberglass roof strong enough to hold a roof deck. The shou sugi ban exterior is burned Accoya, the acetylized wood that won't rot or warp for 50 years, and the foundation is hot-dipped galvanize, a 75-year rust proof finish, so The Adirondack will survive any environment.

Says Carnett, "What good is the perfect mobile escape if you can't pass it on to your grandkids?"

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The Adirondack mobile cabin is a 100-square-foot escape that can drop its wheels and hitch to become your backyard escape, or stay mobile to be your weekend glamping headquarters.

The Dwarf wood-burning stove by Utah's Tiny Wood Stoves won't overheat the small space. Because the solid cross-laminated-timber walls have the same structural strength throughout, the custom steel stand and wood box can hang directly off the wall.

All the trim in The Adirondack is made from Brazilian hardwoods garapa and ipe, most commonly used in decking, because of their natural weather and rot resistance. Combined with the architectural finish of the cross laminated timber as the interior wall surface, it creates a warm, natural environment.

Matching custom end tables of enameled steel with ipe waterfall tops bookend the Article loveseat. The tables can also turn on their side and join together to form a coffee table.

Interior Design
  • John B. Carnett


  • 2017
  • Square Feet
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