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San Mateo, California
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This charming contemporary, agrarian landscape provides many places for relaxation and entertainment. Outside of the master bedroom and bath, an enclosed courtyard with a built-in daybed provides private outdoor space within the garden. Sliding windows and doors control privacy and shade. The firepit illuminates the outdoor dining and living rooms at night, and the fountain adds the pleasant sound of falling water. This main entertaining area is wrapped by the home on three sides, with large glass doors that blur the line between indoor and out. A decomposed granite path leads from the house to the production garden and the gardening cottage the owners call the “hen house.” The hen house is a fun garden destination, as well as a chicken coop.

The home wraps around the landscape, and its many windows open to garden, blurring the line from inside to out. By Arterra Landscape Architects

The generous outdoor living area has room for dining and relaxation. By Arterra Landscape Architects

A production garden and chicken coop by Arterra Landscape Architects

The path leads through the garden to the enclosed terrace, By Arterra Landscape Architects

Just outside of the master bedroom and bath, this enclosed terrace provides privacy and a place for relaxation. By Arterra Landscape Architects

The fountain adds a pleasant sound to evening gatherings. By Arterra Landscape Architects

A welcoming farmhouse amidst an agrarian landscape in San Mateo, California, by Arterra Landscape Architects

A daybed on an enclosed, private terrace offers a spot to relax outside of the master suite. The windows slide open for a view, and close for more privacy and shade. By Arterra Landscape Architects

Cozy seating around a fire, with the garden cottage and chicken coop in the distant view. By Arterra Landscape Architects

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Arterra is a landscape design studio focused on the creation of sculptural landscape forms and sustainable places. Each project takes inspiration from each unique site and its architecture to create gardens that provide a celebratory connection between built and natural forms.
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